LiveChat system messages (admins only)

The admin can configure the bot-specific LiveChat system messages by selecting the chatbot's 'Behavior' from the left hand-side menu and then the 'LiveChat System Messages' tab.

In this page the admin can configure the below messages to be sent on specific events:

  • Conversation in progress: when a conversation is already in progress.

  • Conversation terminated: when a conversation is terminated.

  • Conversation transferred: when a conversation is transferred to another agent.

  • Generic error: when an error occurs.

  • Live-chat disabled: when live-chat is disabled.

  • Out of business hours: when a request is made out of business hours.

  • Request accepted: when an agent accepts the request.

  • Request already exists: when a request is already pending.

  • Request missed: when the user's request expires.

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