Helvia Release 5.32.0

03 May2023

1. Console Updates

1.1 Analytics & feedback updates

1.1.1 Embedded analytics enhancements

You now have great flexibility on which analytics graphs to embed to another page through iframe. On the analytics page click the 'Share' button and select the sections you would like to include. You can also expand the sections to select specific graphs.

Once finished, click share to get the URL. Click the 'Copy URL' button to copy the URL. You can then paste the URL to the iframe you want or share it with others.

Note: The datepicker is pre-selected by default. If you don't want to include it, you can uncheck the 'Include datepicker' checkbox.

1.1.2 Updated User Feedback default flow

The default Feedback flow has been updated, providing the option for negative and positive feedback only.

1.1.3 Option to include User Feedback in the analytics reports

You can now select to include User Feedback when you schedule an analytics report. To include User Feedback in a new report, in the Organization Analytics page, select the 'Scheduled Reports' tab.

Click 'Add Report' and in the content section check the User Feedback section. Add any other sections you would like to include and save.

You can also edit existing reports to add the User Feedback by checking the User Feedback checkbox and saving.

1.2 Redesigned pages

The below pages have been redesigned to provide better user experience.

1.2.1 Redesign of the login and registration pages

The login and registration pages have an updated look & feel.

1.2.2 Chat sessions filtering updates

The chat session filtering has been updated to provide better functionality.

1.2.3 Redesign of the Automated Answers testing tool

The Test Automated Answers tool is now available on the side of the Automated Answers section for more effective UX.

2. LiveChat Updates

2.1 LiveChat business hours configurable per User Group

LiveChat business hours can now be configured per User Group. To configure business hours for a User Group, go to the LiveChat Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page.

In the 'User Group LiveChat settings' section, select a User Group from the drop down list, add the business hours and click 'Save Changes'.

The LiveChat flow that is connected to this User Group will take into consideration the business hours configured for this User Group

Note: If you have configured business hours for the bot also, these will need to be broader than the User Group specific ones.

2.2 Updated default "Out of business hours" message

The default 'Out of business hours' message has been updated to "Live-chat support is currently out of business hours. You can reach support during {{LiveChat.businessHours}}".

Note: You can modify this message through the bot's LiveChat System Messages page.

2.3 Agent avatar in live-chat conversations

When a conversation with a chatbot escalates to live-chat, the end-user will see the agent avatar (LiveChat agent user image), if there is one available. If there is no agent avatar, the default user avatar will be used instead. As soon as the conversation finishes and the bot takes over, the image will also change to the chatbot avatar.

2.4 Option for LiveChat agents to set tags

LiveChat agents will be able to set tags to chat sessions that correspond to live-chat conversations (e.g 'Phone_Call_Escalation').

To set a tag to a live-chat conversation, go to the Conversation Details of the session within the LiveChat app, type a tag in the 'Tags' field and click enter.

You can add one or multiple tags to active or finished conversations.

Note: Agents will also see in the Tags any analytics tags configured in Activity the flow of the conversation the end-user had with the chatbot.

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