Helvia Release 5.30.0

05 April 2023

1. User feedback features & analytics

We have added new features to capture and measure user feedback in an intuitive way, including a new Activity type and a thumbs up/down mechanism per message.

1.1 User feedback flow

A new activity type, called 'User feedback', is now available, enabling you to collect feedback from users. You can connect it to other activities, LiveChat, automated answers or default response to capture user feedback when required.

To add a 'User Feedback' activity, go to the bot Activities tab and click the 'Add Activity' button. In the window that will pop up select 'User feedback' as type, enter the name and click 'Create activity'.

Once the new User feedback activity has been created, you will see a default user feedback flow, which you can edit as you want, with custom messages and flows.

The flow also includes Analytics tags per option for analytics purposes.

It is important to keep the tags in order to be able to see the results in the Analytics.

You can add the Feedback flow through 'Redirect' after Automated Answers, LiveChat system messages, and within any Activity flow, including LiveChat.

For example, to add LiveChat feedback once the conversation has finished, go to the LIveChat System Messages tab in the bot's Behavior, and click the 'Edit' button of the 'Conversation terminated' message.

Add a new message and select the 'User Feedback radio button. You will then need to choose the User Feedback activity you want, configure the percentage of the probability you want feedback to be asked and click the 'Save Changes' button.

1.2 Thumbs up/down response feedback

A new feature is now available that enables user feedback per chatbot message with a thumbs up/thumbs down mechanism.

To enable this feature, go the bot's Settings and check the 'Enable Thumbs Feedback' checkbox. You can then optionally choose a User Feedback activity to be triggered on Thumbs Up and/or Thumbs down. Once finished, click 'Save' to save the settings.

Once the Thumbs up/Thumbs down feature has been activated, the end-user will be able to provide feedback per message by clicking on the preferred option.

In case the option (Thumbs up/down) is linked to a Feedback flow, the chatbot will continue with that:

1.3 User feedback analytics

User feedback captured through the Feedback flow or the Thumbs Feedback setting is available in the analytics under the 'User Feedback' section. This section provides rich information on the overall feedback, as well as drill down analysis.

The User feedback analytics include the below metrics:

  • Chatbot Overall Feedback Score

  • Automated Answers Feedback Score

  • Activities Feedback Score

  • Analysis per response

  • Positive/Negative Feedback Analysis

  • LiveChat Feedback Score

  • LiveChat Agents Feedback Score

2. Emoji picker

Now you can enrich messages with emojis directly from the text editor. You can add emojis in applicable nodes in the Flow editor, in the Automated Answers, and in the LiveChat input field 😊

To add an emoji, click on the emoji icon in the rich text editor of the node or automated answer and select the one you want to insert.

3. Redesigned pages

The below pages have been updated to provide better UX.

3.1 Redesign of Automated Answers page

The Automated Answers page shows some of the columns re-ordered and re-named, making them more intuitive. In addition, the buttons 'Test Automated Answers' and 'Add Automated Answer' have been renamed to 'Test AA' and 'Create New AA'.

The 'NLU Ready' indication is now next to the search. When an update is made in the Automated Answers, it turns to 'Train NLU' button, prompting you to click it to start the NLU training.

When creating a new or editing an existing Automated Answer, the editor opens in a new page with more real estate for additional explanations.

3.2 Redesign of Default Responses page

The Default Responses page has a new UI, matching the Automated Answers one.

3.3 Redesign of the Powerups page

The Powerups settings are now grouped within thematic categories, with short information on what they do.

3.4 Redesign of the Chat Sessions page

The Chat Sessions page now allows admins to filter chat sessions by deployment.

4. Variable node

A new node is now available in the flow editor, called 'Variable'. With the Variable node you can define values, which can be used by the Flow control node to direct the end-user to different paths of the flow, depending on the values of the specified variables.

To add a Variable node to the flow, select it from the 'Add new node' drop down menu.

Click 'Edit' to add the below information to the Variable node:

  • Variable key

  • Variable value

  • Select if it is a variable related to a contact or to a session

You can add the Variable node at any part of the flow and then use the Flow Control node, in combination with the Flow Option node to configure the flow depending on the conditions.

5. Microsoft Dynamics integration setting

There is a new 'Integrations' tab within the console, where admins can add and configure new bot integrations, for cases where a connection with another system is required, for example in LiveChat.

Through the console the admin can add a Microsoft Dynamics integration and configure it with the below settings.

This setting will enable the API configuration with Microsoft Dynamics in order to show contact information within the LiveChat app:

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