Helvia LiveChat features

Helvia LiveChat includes the following features:

  • Interaction with any messaging platform.

  • Web, Mobile and MS Teams apps for support agents.

  • Simultaneous chat management: an agent can chat with multiple users simultaneously.

  • Messaging, audio & video calls.

  • File upload: both end-users and agents can upload and exchange files.

  • Transferring a conversation to another agent.

  • Exportable transcript: the conversation can be exported to an excel file.

  • Canned responses: common responses (eg “How can I help you?”) can be saved for immediate use by agents, ensuring a standardized way of managing customer requests.

  • Note taking: agents can keep notes visible only to agents.

  • Custom actions: creation of custom buttons connecting LiveChat with other services (e.g. to create tickets).

  • Sound/push notifications can be sent to the agent's browser when:

    • There is a new LiveChat request.

    • There is a new message in a conversation.

  • Integration with CRM (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk).

  • Fully integratable with webhooks.

  • Actionable analytics insights.

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