Helvia Release 5.27.0

22 February 2023

1. Console Updates

1.1 Salutation in the webchat

Webchat conversations can be more personal by including the end-user's fist name in the chatbot's response, e.g. "Hello Kevin, how can I help you?".

To include the salutation, you need to add the expression {{UserInfo.salutation}}in the node you want the personalization in.

Note: The salutation is taken from the information that is transferred to Helvia through custom deployment functions and it equals the 'firstName' field. For the Greek language in particular, there is a logic applied to convert the name to the vocative case (e.g. Δημήτρης → Δημήτρη).

1.2 Redesigned pages

The below pages have been redesigned to provide better UX:

  • Bot monitoring

  • User profile

1.2.1 Bot monitoring page redesign

The monitoring page is now available only under Analytics--> Monitoring, where all bots that have the 'Monitoring' powerup enabled, are available.

A weekly range picker has been added to show data for selected period. There are also two new columns, the 'Current Status' and the 'Enable Bot Monitoring' with a switch to control the Monitoring powerup per bot.

1.2.2 User Profile page redesign

The User Profile page now provides the option to the user to add a profile picture, which will be shown instead of the user's initials.

1.3 User invitation updates

In the 'User invitations' tab, under 'Users', there is a new 'Created By' column with the name of the person who sent the invite. In addition, there is the option to revoke a pending user invitation.

1.4 Renaming of tooltip on LiveChat analytics

Upon hovering over the Missed Chats diagram, the information shown has been renamed from 'Total Live-chats' to 'Total Live-chat requests' for accuracy.

1.5 Greeklish input detected as Greek

For chatbots deployed in Greek language, if the end-user enters input in Greeklish, the chatbot will respond in Greek.

1.6 Option to search when switching organization

There is now an option to search organizations when switching, similar to the chatbot search functionality.

2. LiveChat Updates

2.1 Option for the end-user to download the transcript

End-users can be given the option to download the transcript at the end of a LiveChat session if needed. To provide this option, a new system variable needs to be added to the 'Conversation Terminated' LiveChat system message: {{SessionTranscriptLink}}

2.2 Webchat URL in LiveChat requests

LiveChat agents will be able to view in User Details the URL where the chatbot the conversation comes through is hosted (for webchat only).

2.3 Pre-chat surveys records

For chatbots that have LiveChat enabled, there is a new tab in 'Records', called 'Surveys' where all the conversations from LiveChat flows will be stored. There is also an option to download the surveys.

2.4 Bot LiveChat settings page redesign

The bot LiveChat settings page is now accessible to the admin from the settings on the top right corner. This page includes General Settings with an updated UX, settings for Canned Responses and Predefined Actions.

It also includes chatbot LiveChat settings:

The Settings under LiveChat, now only include the LiveChat Agent preferences.

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